Scone Coin

Scone Coin

The SconeCoin is a delicious token, but not only.
This token contains unique features that will allow the SconeCoin to be used in many situations.
The project is just starting with a huge potential.



Contract (SconeCoin): 0x000000000000000000000000000000000000dead.

Total supply and burn

1,099,511,627,776 tokens decrease to 34,359,738,368 (more than 95% will be burnt).

Fees on each transaction

  • Burn rate starts at 2.25% (may vary depending on the circumstances between 6.5% to 0%).
  • Dev & Marketing fees starts at 2.75% (may vary depending on the circumstances between 3.5% to 0%).
  • In all cases, the total charges may never exceed 10%.
  • As the popularity of the token increases, the fees should decrease with a target range of 0-1%.


Liquidity blocked forever.

Dev & Marketing

  • A unique wallet to collect fees.
  • This wallet is limited to 4.95% of all tokens. If the wallet has reached this limit, the fees are not charged.
  • The funds are only used to promote the token, establish partnerships and pay the developer team.

A crypto community

We are an international team united by our passion for technology and crypto-currency.
We are going to disrupt the monetary scene with our community and technology-based coin, the SconeCoin. Technology is important, but the strength of a currency depends on the actual number of holders and their engagement.



  • SconeCoin is a BEP20 compliant token.
  • The source code is published and auditable.
  • Except the team wallet, the code does not contain a list of privileged wallets as is often the case.

Features & Benefits

SconeCoin is a financial asset but also a tool for your business. The potential market capitalisation of the SconeCoin is several hundred million dollars due to the unlimited number of possible use cases.

Basic Features

  • SconeCoin is a BEP20 compliant token.
  • The source code is published and auditable.
  • Except the team wallet, the code does not contain a list of privileged wallets as is often the case.

Advanced Features

  • Possibility to activate an history of all transfers of SconeCoin to my wallet.
  • Possibility to add a tag to a SconeCoin transfer to my wallet. This is a free text specific to each transfer.
  • Possibility to retrieve the list of wallets who have sent me SconeCoins.
  • Possibility to retrieve the list of archived transactions with tags.


By archiving and tagging these transfers :

  • You have the ability to know what each transaction is related to.
  • You use the blockchain as a secure and reliable database.
  • You can query the contract directly without the need for a complex query to the blockchain.

What we have to offer

  • We will provide solutions for developers (SDK) and integrators (Wordpress integration, mobile app).
  • The customer dashboard will help you track your sales to get a clear picture of your business.
  • Many other things useful for your business.

Use Cases

You have a blog/website and you want to control access to paid content.

  • Use the ready-to-use integration for CMS like WordPRess.
  • Use the SDK for custom sites

You sell products or services

  • Use the mobile app for in-person sales.
  • Use the SDK for custom sites, transfer marking allows you to identify sales using the SconeCoin smart contract (order number, ...).

You want to know how your business is doing

  • The Customer Dashboard on will give you a global and detailed view of your incomes.
  • Use the SDK for custom sites.

Many other use cases are possible.



  • PancakeSwap fair launch
  • 1000 holders
  • Initial marketing
  • Initiate partnerships
  • Start SDK developpements


  • 5000 holders
  • SconeCoinSDK 1.0 available on GitHub (Javascript / Php)
  • CMC & CG listing
  • Contract audit
  • Increase marketing


  • 10000 holders
  • CEX listing
  • Customer Dashboard 1.0 on
  • SconeCoinSDK 2.0 available on GitHub (Javascript / Php / .Net)
  • Wordpress integration
  • Start the development of the mobile application
  • Increase marketing & partnerships

The Moon

  • 50000 holders
  • Other listings
  • Customer Dashboard 2.0 on
  • React & VueJs modules
  • Mass marketing
  • Angular module

No landing, continue towards the planet Mars

  • 100000 holders
  • Mobile application 1.0 available on Google Play and App Store
  • Secondary CMS integration
  • New roadmap